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Suppliers of High Quality GIA-graded Loose Diamonds
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Welcome to Sutton Diamonds - reliability at a better price

Sutton Diamonds is a supplier of loose diamonds to diamond dealers and jewellers in over 20 countries around the world, including China, the US and the United Kingdom. If you are already a customer, log in using the form to your right.

We understand that in today's markets it is not cost effective for jewellery stores and small diamond businesses to hold a large amount of stock. For this reason there is no minimum order value and we deliver goods within 5 working days, anywhere in the world. We offer free FedEx and/or Malca Amit shipping (depending on delivery location) for orders over US$10,000

We specialize in very good and excellent cut diamonds with a clarity of SI2 and better. All of our diamonds are of conflict-free origins as per the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. In the interest of customer satisfaction and repeat business we only trust GIA to grade our diamonds. GIA is a non-profit diamond grading laboratory delivering unbiased consistent results. Click on Register to fill in the application form and join our network or log in to search through our stock list